New Year, New Momentum: Submit to the February eBulletin!

It’s 2012!  Are you worried about the world ending?  Sagging graduation rates?  Tuition hikes?  Job Security?  Or are you riled up about something in higher education that makes you want to shout from the rooftops?  If so, we invite you to write about it for the February eBulletin.  

The new year is a chance to invoke change.  Start working toward a better year today by getting involved with your association.

Submissions can be from 1 to 3 pages, and may be edited for length.  Articles with pictures are highly encouraged, and if you are a first-time contributor, please include a headshot and short, 3-sentence bio.

Submit your article to the eBulletin Editor at by February 10, 2012.  

Save the Date!  Come together for our Winter Conference, February 17-18 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Austin. 

Call our office at 512-419-9275 to register (only $40 for both days!). 

Join us Friday morning on our semi-annual trip to the Capitol to visit with state legislators, and keep an eye out for the conference agenda, coming soon!