TACT Legislative Day October 26 - You're Invited

Join your collegues and be the voice of higher education by attending the TACT Legislative Day October 26 at the Texas State Capitol.  You and fellow professors will speak with Legislators and their staff on issues important to you as a professor.  We'll meet at 8:30 AM in the  Rotunda and begin meetings at 9:00 AM.  RSVP to office@tact.org for this free event.


Academic Freedom

Are you following the UT-Austin professors’ case in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals as it relates to academic freedom and guns on campus? The defense (state) says: “The right to academic freedom, if it exists, belongs to the institution, not the individual professor,” says a brief filed by the state’s lawyers on behalf of UT President Gregory L. Fenves and others. Then, President Fenves says they don’t really believe that.

Another Attack on Texas Public Education and, of course, on the Middle Class

The Teacher Retirement System was created in 1937 as a way to make teaching in Texas a desirable career. TRS is one of the largest and healthiest pension funds in the nation. It consistently outperforms expected rates of return and serves as a backbone of attracting quality people into the education profession in the Lone Star State.

TACT Legislative Successes During the Past Three Years

1. Led movement to defeat Guns on Campus legislation for six years until it passed in 2015 with the TACT amendments permitting opt-out for private universities and faculty offices.

2. Initiated attention to the phrase “unfunded mandate” regarding Hazelwood legislation.

3. Contributed to significantly increased higher education appropriations during 2015 Legislative Session.

Find Your Elected Officials

Want to contact the elected officials who represent you? Click the link below and enter your address to obtain your current representatives' contact information.


This link can also be found here, on the TACT website, under the Legislative menu above.

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