TACT First Alert July 10, 2013

Additional Tuition Revenue Bonds Legislation Filed

Consistent with our July 3rd  TACT First Alert about asking the Governor to add Tuition Revenue Bonds to the call of the Special Session, new legislation – HB 5 - was filed yesterday.  Coauthors include House Higher Education Committee Chair Dan Branch and Appropriations Committee Chair Jim Pitts.

You are encouraged to consider supporting this legislation to your Senator, House Member and Governor.  


TACT First Alert July 2013

TACT Endorses Tuition Revenue Bonds

TACT has contacted the Governor to encourage him to add to the call of the Special Session HB 30 and HB 34 to facilitate the development of campus facilities to meet the growing demand of record enrollments.  Texas is behind its traditional schedule of approving tuition revenue bonds.  It would be helpful if you contacted your legislators asking them to support new facilities by contacting the Governor.

TACT First Alert June 2013

Here we go again!

The Governor has called the second successive special legislative session beginning Monday. So far, the issues are limited to three: abortion, transportation infrastructure and mandatory life sentencing for capital felonies by 17-year-olds.

The TACT June eBulletin is Now Available!

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Inside This Issue:

TACT First Alert May 15 Legislative Update

Guns on Campus

Despite shoe leather and faculty testimony expressing safety concerns, the Senate Criminal Justice Committee yesterday passed HB 972, the bill permitting holders of concealed handgun permits to carry weapons into college campus buildings. Committee Chairman Whitmire, who voted no on the bill, explained that he believed this version, which allows local option opt-out, to be better than an alternative he would expect to be filed in a special session. He continued that he doesn’t believe the issue has the necessary two-thirds votes in the Senate to be considered. 

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