Coordinating Board to Review Affordability

This Thursday's Higher Education Coordinating Board is discussing the cost of higher education. Few issues are more important than this Thursday’s Agenda Item IV-A: Discussion of Financial Aid Strategies to Encourage Student Success. TACT will be there for you, and we encourage you to listen in, write your thoughts, e-mail us an article, and join in the conversation.

At approximately 9:00 AM Thursday, July 26, Board Members will hear from national experts about best practices to prevent pricing students out of higher education while state appropriations are diminishing.

Senate Interim Charges Announced

The Lieutenant Governor released the following interim charges relating to Higher Education:

  • Study and make recommendations regarding more cost-effective funding of financial aid, including ways to restructure financial aid programs to incentivize student success.  Examine student loan debt and institutional default rates.
  • Study and make recommendations regarding more effective means of using technology, including the effectiveness of online learning and online coursework for underprepared students.
  • Examine the existing transfer systems and the potential development of a 2+2 transfer system between public junior colleges and universities. Examine the transfer of credit between degree-granting private sector colleges, public junior colleges, and public universities.

For the complete list of the Senate Higher Education Interim Charges, click here.

And check out the TACT history video: 60 Years of Success, or learn more at the TACT History Page.

Thank you for your dedication to your association, and we look forward to hearing of your success.

TACT Legislator of the Year

State Representative Donna Howard has been selected as the TACT Legislator of the Year!  Rep. Howard (D-Austin), who serves on the House Higher Education Committee, was selected for her focus on students during committee deliberations, her continuing support for the TEXAS Grant, and for favoring the use of higher education specialists in the design and testing of public education.  She also insists on maintaining the quality of education while others seem more interested in the quantity of students receiving degrees.

Inaugural Hearing of Joint Oversight Committee

Yesterday marked the inaugural meeting of the Joint Oversight Committee on Higher Education Governance, Excellence, and Transparency.  The bipartisan committee is co-chaired by Senator Judith Zaffirini (D-Laredo) and Representative Dan Branch (R-Dallas).  Discussion focused on reducing the micro-management of state universities by Boards of Trustees. 

Former TACT President Opines About Higher Education

Former TACT President Forest G. Hill (1975-76) writes at length in Friday’s Austin American-Statesman about the negative impact of outside political interference on higher education.  Read his insight here as he compares the current climate to some dire times of the past.

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