TACT Leaders Advocate for Faculty and Higher Education

TACT Board Members spent last Friday visiting elected officials and their staff members pushing for issues deemed most important by faculty last year in the TACT Issues Survey. Discussions ranged from unfunded mandates (Hazlewood Act) to public education funding to the Senate Finance Bill deleting $1 Billion in Special Item appropriations.

Faculty Must Insist on Higher Education Quality

We live in a world of quantitative goal achievement – and the current Texas Legislature is no different. Many bills have been filed to help “hit your numbers” – but at what cost? What used to be called “butts in seats” is giving way to “feet on stage” (graduation).

Legislative Day & Spring Board Meeting, March 3rd

With several critical issues looming this Legislative Session including a faculty hiring freeze and elimination of $1 billion in “special item” funding, this Legislative Day takes on added significance. We have thus far secured meeting times with the Senate Committee on Higher Education, Senate Committee on State Affairs and the House Committee on Appropriations. Should you desire, we will also schedule a meeting with your own district representative.

Faculty Hiring Freeze Announced by Governor

According to the February 1st Austin American-Statesman newspaper, Governor Abbott announced yesterday a freeze on new faculty hiring through August if the funds are from state appropriations. There may be some wiggle room for administrators to shift funds or request a waiver from the Governor’s Office. Additionally, the Governor asked the Legislature for full funding of the Governor’s University Research Initiative which pays one-time expenses of setting up facilities for new researchers.

Senate Budget Eliminates $1 Billion in Special Item Funding

Last week we reported on how the House and Senate budget proposals were shaping up to look very different. This week we find an example of just how different.

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