TACT First Alert - September 17th, 2014

Grade Inflation Called a Crisis

Thomas Lindsay says grade inflation undermines the morale necessary for the learning required to compete in the workforce.  As director of the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Center for Higher Education, Lindsey references a study that shows 15 percent of all grades were A’s in the 1960’s and have nearly tripled to 43 percent now.  He quotes Texas A&M’s Valen Johnson reporting that students manipulate their GPA’s through class and professor selection.  Professors reap benefits of easier grading from better student evaluations leading to tenure, promotion and salary increases.

TACT First Alert - August 15, 2014

Why Educators Professional Liability Insurance?  Because intellectual property ownership is a squishy and litigious thing.

TACT is frequently asked why faculty need, and TACT provides, professional liability insurance.  The link below is to an article outlining how a husband/wife faculty team developed intellectual property which was used without their knowledge or permission, and they sued to reinstate their rightful ownership.  Read the Article HERE.


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Inside This Issue:

•         Current Activities from TACT President Cindy Simpson

•         Executive Director Chuck Hempstead’s Report 

•         50th Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

•         2014 ORP Report




A message from the President of TACT

Earlier this month, TACT Past President Peter Hugill shared his enthusiasm and approval for a newly refreshed website to be activated this year.  We need your support to help with this endeavor.  As technology continues to make advances, and we need to attract young, technology-savvy faculty,we wantour site to be easy to use and easy to view, especially for portable devices. 

We have taken the first step to faster online communication with a NEW TACT EMAIL ADDRESS!  

Join Me

Good day,

I was very enthused at our Saturday TACT State Board of Directors’ meeting about the direction of our association and the enthusiasm and commitment of both the Board and our Executive Director, Chuck Hempstead. One thing we accomplished was deciding to refresh what has become a very outdated website with new technology, especially for portable devices.
As you can imagine, resources are not there. Websites are so important now to how organizations like TACT reach members and prospective members that the Board and I recognized that we needed to make a special effort. I immediately made a contribution and am sending you this appeal to join with me in helping fund the needed updates. If 49 of you will agree with me at a $60 recommended contribution level, we can get this done quickly and efficiently, and without raising dues.
Please call Kelley at our state office (512-419-9275) with your credit card number and contribution level or mail a check to our office:
5750 Balcones Dr., Ste. 201
Austin, TX  78731
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