Spring Membership Drive Wrap Up

Good day Colleague –

For several weeks we have shared with you examples of what we do because you are not currently a member of the Texas Association of College Teachers.  We have touched on the importance that we all carry Educators Professional Liability Insurance (included with membership).  We have described how our opinions are solicited from state agencies, such as Teachers Retirement System of Texas on the development of their new strategic plan and the Higher Ed Coordinating Board on the successor to Closing the Gaps.

We have talked about our semi-annual legislative offices visits (you’re invited!) and participation at interim legislative hearings, advocating for such issues as higher faculty salaries, tuition revenue bonds, guns on campus (campus carry and now open carry), reinstating previous levels of TEXAS Grant scholarships, and so much more. 

2013 Average Faculty Salary Comparison

The AAUP (American Association of University Professors) has released the Fiscal Year 2013 data for the Average Faculty Salary Comparison – Texas Public Universities and Ten Most Populous States report. 

Texas remains its consistent 7% behind the average.  For the full report, please click here.

TRS Asks TACT for Feedback

As a “valued stakeholder,” the Teacher Retirement System of Texas has formally asked TACT for input into its 2015-2019 strategic plan.  Specifically, the plan’s four goals include:

1.     Sustain a financially sound pension trust fund.
2.     Build and maintain strong, customer-focused relationships.
3.     Facilitate access to competitive, reliable health care benefits for our members.
4.     Attract, retain and develop a highly competent staff.

Join TACT at half-price: We shout on your behalf!

Join TACT at half-price: We shout on your behalf!

Some Texans think public policy occurs only during Legislative Sessions in odd-numbered years. Not true. Not when both remaining Republican candidates for Lt. Governor favor guns on campus. Not when Texas Grant scholarships are funded less than they were five years ago. Not when faculty salaries still trail the average of the other top ten most populous states, or public retirement system participants are being asked to pay more of the costs. Not when objectives are to push more students through the pipeline faster, rather than permit flexibility that places the students’ needs first.

O.K., we’re a special interest group. YOUR special interest group. Lobbyists. Every professional has one except those who think elected officials will “do the right thing.”

Spring Membership Discount now Available

Spring Membership Discount available now through April 28th!  Online form available HERE.

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