Call for Articles

January 2, 2013

Call for Articles

Board Nominations / Legislative Tracker

Legislative Tracker

The 2013 Legislative Session is right around the corner and TACT has compiled a list of bills we’re keeping an eye on. To view the report, visit

2012 Fall Conference Agenda and Registration

  • The agenda for the upcoming Fall Conference is available. You can view it here. Highlights include two panel discussions (“Texas’ $10,000 Competency-Based Bachelor’s Initiative” and “Mobilizing Support for Higher Education”), a keynote from Senator Kirk Watson (the Higher Education Senate Committee, the Joint Committee on Oversight of Higher Education Governance) and a legislative visit on Friday morning.
  • Register for the Fall Conference today!  This year’s conference will be held October 26-27 at the Embassy Suites - Central Austin. To reserve your spot, please print and mail this form along with the cost of registration and (if desired) the Friday-night banquet. The phone number for Embassy Suites is (512) 454-8004.


ORP Resources

Convenient links to the most popular ORP carriers in Texas higher education are found here.

For a comprehensive overview of the rules and rate histories of TRS and ORP, you may view the report provided by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

The TACT May eBulletin Is Now Available!

 TACT eBulletin

 May 2012

The Official Newsletter of the Texas Association of College Teachers

Click here for the electronic eBulletin or go to:

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