Faculty Must Insist on Higher Education Quality

We live in a world of quantitative goal achievement – and the current Texas Legislature is no different. Many bills have been filed to help “hit your numbers” – but at what cost? What used to be called “butts in seats” is giving way to “feet on stage” (graduation).

Uniform syllabi, guaranteed credit transferability, common course numbering, dual credit – these are a few of some old ideas gaining new traction, and it seems only TACT remains insistent that the educational content quality is key. Anything short is stealing from the students. TACT leadership continues to lobby for faculty independence to set – and enforce – their standards. Neither faculty nor students are widgets whereby the primary criterion for graduation is that the tuition check cashes.

Long before the word “rigor” was fashionable, TACT preached that appropriate academic standards are the purview of the educator, and that will never change.

Legislative Day & Spring Board Meeting, March 3rd

Meet us in the Capitol Rotunda at 8:30 A.M. to begin a day of legislative visits kicking off with back-to-back meetings with the House and Senate Committees on Higher Education. Join us and let your voice be heard. RSVP Toni at office@tact.org.

Want to stay up-to-date on proposed bills for the 85th Legislative Session? You can do so by visiting the TACT Legislative Bill Tracker: