HB 894 Committee Hearing Requested - Your Response Needed

Representative Jim McReynolds has requested that his HB 894 - the TACT-backed bill that would study faculty salaries relative to comparable schools in other populous state - be heard by the House Higher Education Committee on Monday morning, March 26.  That date has NOT been confirmed.

You can help two ways:

Call committee members to register your support.

Rep. Geanie Morrison (chair)             512-463-0456
Rep. Brian McCall (vice chair)            512-463-0594
Rep. Roberto Alonzo                           512-463-0408
Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock                   512-463-0684
Rep. Fred Brown                                  512-463-0698
Rep. Helen Giddings                           512-463-0953
Rep. Donna Howard                            512-463-0631
Rep. Diane Patrick                              512-463-0624
Rep. Patrick Rose                               512-463-0647

Second, we need your testimony.  TACT's primary argument is that Texas faculty salaries are too low, creating recruitment and retention problems.  We need your stories about vacancies created or not filled because of our lack of competitive compensation.  We would prefer to attribute your story to a specific department and university, but if you prefer to remain anonymous we will respect that, so note on our testimony, and destroy your email.