Documentary Depicting Changing University Goals

“Starving the Beast” Documentary Depicting Changing University Goals

Soon to debut is a documentary titled “Starving the Beast,” which includes examples of former A&M President McKinney and former UT-Austin President Powers as collateral damage in the changing political winds of university purposes and funding.

Florida Senator Mario Rubio is broadcast saying students should be apprised of what their employability future looks like, which is interesting in that during last night’s presidential debates he volunteered that he graduated with a six-figure student loan.

This is also timely in that Texas Republican leaders are now saying that maybe the Legislature should control tuition after the “grand bargain”, during which Trustees were delegated authority to replace reductions in State appropriations to higher education.

The documentary premiers March 13 at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, and should be available for viewing soon after. To view the trailer, please click the link below.