3/14/2017 First Alert

For years, TACT has used the Hazlewood Act as an example of a legislative unfunded mandate to universities that should be fully funded or reformed to limit the costs. If unchecked, various growth estimates have projected future costs at hundreds of millions of dollars.

On Thursday, Texas House Higher Education Chair JM Lozano filed HB 3766 to rein in the costs currently absorbed by universities to provide free education to the children of veterans. While the details are being debated, the bill does three things:

  • Requires veterans to have served four years, versus the current requirement of 180 days
  • Limits the applicability of the exemption to 15 years
  • Moves administration of the program from the Veterans Commission to the Higher Education Coordinating Board

Discussions are scheduled today to make projections of future cost savings. If you would like to thank Chairman Lozano for his efforts to reduce university costs, he may be reached at:


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