Senate Higher Ed Committee Considering Legislation to Limit Tuition Increases

Since 2003 when the Texas Legislature gave public universities the right to set their own tuition, there have been attempts to change it. Efforts thus far have failed, even as tuition fees have risen as much as 148 percent in the last 15 years. However, this year in the Senate there is a growing momentum supporting change.

Multiple bills have been filed to slow the pace of tuition, freeze it or lower college costs. Bills the Senate Higher Ed Committee is considering today are:

  1. Ban tuition increases until 2022
  2. Ban tuition increases without student or legislative permission
  3. Only allow tuition increases when state funding falls
  4. Performance-based tuition increases

As always TACT will be monitoring the bills pertaining to limiting tuition and other issues critical to college faculty.

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Information source: Texas Tribune, Texas senators weigh bills limiting college tuition growth, March 22, 2017