Statesman Editorial Agrees with TACT

Things are heating up at the Capitol, and the Austin papers are getting hot on topics relating to higher education.  Yesterday’s Austin American Statesman ran the following editorial, concerning guns on campus. The Senate version of the bill, SB 354, is currently pending in committee while the House version, HB 457, will be debated on the floor on Wednesday, March 30th.   View the history of the bills’ status at our Legislative TrackerYou may also view TACT’s Resolution regarding the bill.

Move cautiously on campus guns

We are not supporters of the state's 1995 law allowing qualified adults to get licenses to carry concealed handguns. But, as is often the case with hot-button issues, the extremes predicted by both sides during that debate have not materialized.

We have not, as opponents opined, reverted to some kind of Wild West existence with shootouts at high noon and other times of the day. Somehow, we have remained a fairly civilized society.

And we have not, as proponents predicted, seen a raft of incidents in which pistol-packing Texans stepped to the fore to protect themselves and others through their deft use of concealed firepower.

All in all, it's been kind of unremarkable. But we maintain our concerns about it and urge state lawmakers to move with great caution on a current effort to modify the law as it relates to concealed guns at universities.

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