Texas Colleges respond to increasing costs by raising tuition. Educators feeling left out of discussion.

The University of Texas at Austin and other universities are combating criticism over their decisions to increase tuition. These jabs are not only coming from the students and parents who will pay the increased tuition, but also from the Texas Legislature. The institutions claim the reason for the tuition increase is in response to the state funding as a reduced percentage of total costs.

Some argue that universities could avert these tuition increases if they would re-evaluate the salaries of administrators. Universities assert the pay of the administrators is not the problem, but point to the state relying on prerecession appropriation levels.

No matter the cause and effect, the students and their parents bear the brunt of these increasing costs, while educators wonder when their salaries will be increased without relying on students to fully bear the costs. The 2017 Texas legislative session is already predicted to be a balancing act of money needs (including those of retired teachers) and limited resources.

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