Elect Your TACT State Board Members!

For more than six decades, TACT has seen success through the thousands of academic leaders who have given their time and talents in service to their profession. Please take this opportunity to exercise your right to vote and elect your future TACT leaders.

At its Spring meeting, the TACT State Board endorsed the slate of officers, as they are named below,  recommended by the Nominating Committee. President-Elect will serve a one-year term. Vice President, Membership will serve a two-year term. All offices begin June 1. Please submit your approval by emailing TACT@bizaustin.rr.com by May 15, 2010. Your identity will be known only to staff.

Peter Hugill, Texas A&M University

Vice President, Membership
Mark Gaus, Sam Houston State University


Thank you for your participation.
Chuck Hempstead
Executive Director