Hazlewood Fix Passed by Senate

One of TACT’s primary legislative issues – the unfunded mandate of Hazlewood – took a major step forward yesterday as the Senate passed Senator Birdwell’s SB 1735.  TACT is always quick to clarify that the organization is not taking a position on the appropriate level of assisting veterans and their families, but that it is a realization that the Legislature will never be able to keep up with the burgeoning costs to universities and tuition-paying students.  
SB 1735 is a complicated bill reigning in the 2009 expansion of benefits primarily to veterans’ “legacies” – or children – which has been further expanded by a federal judge’s ruling making benefits available to veterans who move to Texas from other states.  The bill now goes to the House of Representatives, which has also been wrestling with these issues, in hopes of finding agreement with only three weeks left in the Session.