Governor Perry, Lt. Governor Dewhurst and Speaker Straus Issue Request for Bigger Budget Cuts

“As we move into the upcoming budget cycle, state leadership will continue to identify ways to trim spending, just as families and businesses across the state have done, in order to balance our budget,” Gov. Perry said. “This request for 10 percent reduction proposals for the next biennium builds on our ongoing call on state agencies to tighten their belts so Texas can continue our commitment to keep taxes low, attract businesses and create jobs as we continue to lead the way out of the national economic downturn.”

In a letter sent last week, state agencies were requested to submit a supplemental schedule to the governor and Legislative Budget Board, outlining an additional 10 percent reduction in budgets by August, 2010 as they begin planning budget requests for the 82nd Legislative Session.

Read the full press release from Governor Perry here:

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