UT Professors File Lawsuit Citing 1st, 2nd & 14th Amendments

Last Wednesday the Texas Tribune reported three University of Texas at Austin Professors: Jennifer Lynn Glass, Lisa Moore and Mia Carter filed a suit requesting a federal judge grant an injunction which would stop campus concealed carry from taking effect August 1st, 2016 at Texas public universities. (Community Colleges do not have to implement SB11 until August, 2017 and no private Texas universities have “opted-in”).

In defense of their suit, the professors have cited 1st Amendment protection of their coursework and discussions in class. With classroom discussions ranging from religion, gay rights and abortion, these professors feel the presence of guns on campus will stifle the advancement of their students by hindering the influence of different perspectives of these sensitive topics.

To some it is surprising these professors have also opted to cite the 2nd Amendment as a reason for blocking SB11. These professors are relying on the Supreme Court’s explanation that “’well-regulated’ means ‘imposition of proper discipline and training.’” The professors involved in the suit assert if the State forces them to allow guns in their classrooms, it is the State’s responsibility to ensure those carriers are “well-trained and regulated”.

To tie the suit to conclusion, the professors have cited the 14th Amendment. They declare the presence of guns in a college classroom setting does not promise or promote equal protection under the law.

In response to the suit, Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton has stated the lawsuit is “baseless” and he plans to “vigorously defend it.”