When Honoring the Slain, We Must Heed the Warnings of the Living

With the highly contested implementation of Concealed Campus Carry on August 1st looming over the upcoming fall semester, let us not forget those officers who have stood with TACT and all others opposed to SB11.

On the subject, TACT Executive Director Chuck Hempstead had these words to say: “If politicians attending funerals of murdered police officers invite us to honor the service of the slain, maybe those same politicians should honor the experienced professional opinions of the living officers who say guns on campus are more dangerous than protective of the law-abiding students, faculty, staff and visitors.”

Have you engaged in discussions with campus or community police on this matter? If so, please share your experiences with your fellow Texas Faculty and TACT; to be published in the August 2016 edition of the Quarterly eBulletin.

All articles should be submitted to: office@tact.org

(Deadline August 1st, 2016)