TACT Executive Director Senate Update

It was university resources day at Senate Higher Ed today. Tuition (de-deregulation), waivers, set-asides, financial aid – and how they fit into the 60X30TX expectations – didn’t uncover much, except that tuition and the cost of running universities have risen more than four times the rate of middle class income.

The big issue was Hazelwood and the break-the-bank cost growth expectations within the next three years (multiple decade growth could cost billions). Some may remember last session when an unlikely decorated veteran Senator Birdwell reluctantly passed his bill to pull back on the Legacy issue and indicated he may not do it again. Today, Senator Bettencourt carried the water for the logical, summing up the issue with:

1. The Texas educational assistance plan for veterans is the most costly in the nation.
2. The cost of the Legacy portion of the plan will triple in the next three years.
3. The fabulous GI Bill following WW II contained no Legacy component.
4. Some say there is a better argument to provide waivers to the veteran’s spouse than to his children and grandchildren.
5. In discussion with veteran and Texas A&M Kingsville President Steven Tallant, the President broke his word with his sons to quote them saying they didn’t deserve the Hazelwood waiver despite their father’s service.

**In other news, the three UT professors requesting an injunction to prohibit guns in classrooms were denied one day before classes began. They will pursue a trial.

Rally to Resist! Rally to Repeal!

Gun-Free UT to host rally protesting concealed campus carry.

When: Wednesday, August 24th from 12-1:00p.m.
Where: UT-Austin West Mall – 78712

Schedule of Speakers:
Elliott Naishtat, State Representative
Kathie Tovo, Austin City Councilmember
Gina Hinojosa, Democratic candidate for State Representative
Nicole Golden, Texas Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
Jessica Jin, UT graduate and founder of Cocks not Glocks
Ana Lopez, Plan II Honors Student, founder and Vice President of Students Against Campus Carry