TACT Executive Director Testifies at UT-Austin Guns on Campus Task Force

TACT Executive Director Chuck Hempstead testified Monday at the UT-Austin task force charged with recommending to the president implementation guidelines for SB 11 – guns on campus.  He shared with task force members that TACT believes faculty members should determine gun policies in their classrooms, offices, labs and other workplaces, and that guns should be banned from emotional places such as free speech areas, sporting/entertainment venues and difficult-to-manage areas such as libraries, recreation centers and administrative buildings. 

A group of UT faculty, referring to a petition drive, unfurled a long banner which said, “300 U.T. Faculty Refuse Guns in Our Classrooms.”

Hempstead estimated that approximately three people testified against guns on campus compared to each one testifying in favor of guns.  Many people wanted to repeal SB11, but the original 1995 Senate author of concealed carry – Jerry Patterson – warned that if Regents banned too many areas from guns, the next Legislature may remove such discretion. 

In today’s edition, the Austin American Statesman reiterated TACT’s positon that the influx of guns onto Texas campuses will not make them a safer place.