More Guns on More Campuses

More Guns on More Campuses

After helping defeat guns on campus legislation for three successive legislative sessions, TACT is now communicating with leaders of individual campuses as they craft their local options within the confines of the statute.

TACT leaders previously provided testimony to the committee appointed by UT-Austin President Greg Fenves.  That committee has now made its recommendations, which the President will consider before he announces his policy.  His decision is potentially reviewable by the Regents or the Legislature, and takes affect August 1, 2016.

The committee recommendations include permitting concealed carry in classrooms, one the high profile areas of disagreement.  It also suggests allowing weapons in common areas, married student housing and dorms when visited by parents with concealed carry licenses.

Examples of areas recommended as “gun-free” include patient care facilities, disciplinary and grievance locations, and dangerous laboratories.

Faculty should be able to determine whether concealed weapons are allowed in their offices, according to the committee recommendations and one of the primary TACT suggestions.

This weekend, an organization called Come and Take It Texas will organize a fake mass shooting as part of its belief that there should be no gun-free areas on campus.  Their event has been banned from campus.