Call for Board Nominations

Now’s the time to take your commitment in higher education to the next level. Since 1948, the Texas Association of College Teachers has provided services and advocacy on behalf of faculty, staff, and librarians in Texas public colleges and universities. We need your continued support to maintain and grow our association in Texas. Let your voice be heard. TACT is now accepting nominations for candidates to serve as members of the TACT Board of Directors in the following roles:


  • President-Elect
    During a one year term, the President-elect constitutes part of the Executive Committee and whenever the President is unable to perform the duties of the Presidency, it shall be the responsibility of the President-elect to assume those duties. The President-elect shall be a member of the State Board and be of general assistance to the President in sharing the responsibility of leadership for the Association. In case the Presidency becomes vacant, the President-elect shall immediately become President.

  • Vice President of Membership
    During a two year term, the Vice President of Membership constitutes part of the nucleus of the State Board of Directors. The Vice President of Membership shall be responsible for chairing and coordinating the activities of the Membership Committee and working with the professional staff to develop marketing strategies aimed at further developing the membership.

TACT will also appoint up to 3 Directors at Large. The Directors at Large will serve two year terms and shall be given liaison duties and assist in efforts to stimulate in their respective communities and institutions a well-informed public opinion on matters of interest in higher education. In addition, this role is instrumental in membership recruitment and engaging in activities consistent with the purposes of the State Association. If you are interested in being appointed to this position, please submit your interest to TACT.

The State Board shall take office on June 1 following the election in February. For more information on the duties and rolls of these positions, please click here

Please include all of the following information with your submission to complete your nomination:

  • name and contact information;
  • a current resume,
  • a letter of intent and/or statements from the nominee outlining the reasons for wanting to serve and outlining what he or she can contribute to the Texas Association of College Teachers
  • a statement of the candidate’s willingness to serve on the Board, if nominated and selected

If you have any questions, please call the TACT office at 512.419.9275. Nominations for consideration may be submitted electronically and received by the close of business on January 14, 2010. Thank you for your interest in growing in service to your profession in this very important way.