Senate Interim Charge #2 Performance-Based Funding

Lt. Dan Patrick set eight interim charges for the Senate Committee on Higher Education to research during the interim. In this First Alert, we will review the recommendations for Lt. Governor Patrick’s second charge, performance-based funding of universities.

Interim Charge #2: Performance-Based Funding - Study current funding methods for both general academic institutions and community colleges. Review funding methods used in other states and make recommendations on how to incorporate and/or change student outcome measures in institutional funding to benefit students and promote the education needs of a rapidly growing and changing workforce.

Recommendations: The Senate Higher Education Committee makes the following recommendations regarding Performance-Based Funding to the 85th Legislature:

1) The Legislature should continue to fund enrollment growth, adjusted for inflation, at GAIs, community colleges, and Lamar State Colleges for the 2018-2019 biennium, and should also continue to fund TSTC's returned investment formula for the 2018-2019 biennium

2) If funds are available, the Legislature should consider the THECB's Graduation Bonus proposal.

3) The Legislature should continue to explore additional ways to incentivize institutional behavior through funding mechanisms to help meet the statewide goals of 60x30TX.

TACT’s Role: TACT Staff and State Board Members will continue to advocate for full funding of higher education during this legislative session of limited State resources.

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