Senate Committee on State Affairs: Interim Charge #7

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick set seven interim charges for the Senate Committee on State Affairs to research during the interim. In this First Alert, we will review the Committee recommendations for Governor Patrick’s seventh charge, which instructed committee members to monitor the implementation of campus carry.

Interim Charge #7: Monitoring Campus Carry Implementation Monitor the implementation of legislation addressed by the Senate Committee on State Affairs during the 84th Legislature, Regular Session and make recommendations for any legislation needed to improve, enhance, and/or complete implementation. Specifically, monitor the following: - Implementation of open and campus carry legislation and determine if the current laws regulating the places that handguns can be carried are easily understood or if clarification is needed to ensure the average citizen understands when, where, and under what circumstances it is lawful to carry a weapon, versus when it is a criminal offense for which there may be a defense

Recommendations: The legislature should continue to monitor the campus carry rules and regulations set forth by institutions of higher education to ensure each institution complies with the spirit and intent of the law. Additionally, the legislature should monitor the LTC holders that wish to lawfully carry concealed handguns on campus to ensure that they are not ostracized or treated differently for merely exercising their legal and constitutional right.

TACT’s Role: When TACT meets with legislators and staff, we continue to remind them that we oppose campus carry but understand that it is the law. Some institutions permit faculty to determine that their offices are gun free. Further gun legislation is filed for the upcoming session, and TACT will continue to advocate for safe campuses.

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