Another Day, Another Campus Shooting

This tragedy occurred in Flagstaff, AZ. Will Texas become one of the statistics? 

For years, TACT shared statistics with legislators that college campuses were comparatively safe locations; it would be difficult to assume that the next set of data will say the same thing.  And yet, public policy continues to encourage more legal locations for firearms with the argument that the good guys will gun down the bad guys before the bad guys kill more good guys.  Where’s THAT data?

TACT Executive Director Testifies at UT-Austin Guns on Campus Task Force

TACT Executive Director Chuck Hempstead testified Monday at the UT-Austin task force charged with recommending to the president implementation guidelines for SB 11 – guns on campus.  He shared with task force members that TACT believes faculty members should determine gun policies in their classrooms, offices, labs and other workplaces, and that guns should be banned from emotional places such as free speech areas, sporting/entertainment venues and difficult-to-manage areas such as libraries, recreation centers and administrative buildings. 



To register, please call the TACT Office @ 512-491-9275

Registration cost = $40.00

TACT First Alert: 8/12/15

Implementing Guns on Each Texas Campus

WOAI-TV will be hosting a state-wide Town Hall meeting on the Campus Carry Law that will go into effect in 2016.  The event will be held at the Texas A&M San Antonio main campus in the auditorium (One University Way, San Antonio, TX 78224).  It is scheduled for Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 6 p.m.

TACT First Alert: 6/30/15

Congratulations Professor Robert Nelsen

Current TACT member Robert Nelsen will begin his new adventure as President of California State University-Sacramento in Sacramento, California next month. He has been a frequent keynote speaker at TACT Leadership Conferences and also formerly served on the TACT Board of Directors member.

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