Why You Should Get Involved TODAY.

House Appropriations Committee Chair Jim Pitts told a group of Capitol insiders on Tuesday, “If you never had a lobbyist before, you better go and get one.” Fortunately, TACT enjoys the services of a registered lobbyist, and your profession would be well served by having a larger membership contributing towards that expense.

Chairman Pitts predicted that the introduced Appropriation Bill will include “significant cuts to Higher Education, and that is before any enrollment growth is even considered, as it is the highest area of discretionary spending.” His intention is that the bill as finally adopted will be less punishing. He is hopeful that the Legislature will use the rainy day fund to close the gap of the current biennial shortfall, but was pessimistic about using it to address the future structural deficit. Unfortunately, it was just reported today that further budget cuts will be required. Now that everything is on the table, college financial aid has become a new target for cuts.

Pre-Filing for the 82nd Legislature is Under Way

Now that the election season is over, we have turned our focus into following what is going on in the large domed building in the middle of Downtown. Here are just a few of the bills we are looking at. For a more complete list, please see the eBulletin you will receive soon.

HB 86 - Concealed Carry on College Campuses - By David Simpson Allows for anyone with a Texas concealed handgun license to carry on a college campus, or inside of any building of which an activity sponsored by the institution is being conducted.

Student Financial Aid may take significant hit in next session

The Austin American-Statesman reports today that student financial aid may be slashed by up to $108 million in the next two-year budget. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board met in Austin this week to discuss recommendations on cost efficiencies in higher education.

TACT President-Elect to speak at Senate Higher Ed. Meeting

The newly-constituted Senate Higher Education Committee will meet next Thursday at the Capitol to discuss Interim Charge Four:

Study and make recommendations regarding the current accountability system and ways to measure student progress, faculty workload, and student advising; and to improve time-to-degree. Examine the quality of academic advising services to ensure that students are taking courses relevant to their degree program and are on path for graduation. Study and make recommendations to eliminate unnecessary or duplicative reporting requirements.

TACT Members: Contribute to the eBulletin today!

Your association is here to serve you.  We need your ideas and your passion to populate the pages of the next eBulletin.  Make your voice heard, and start a discussion.  Find a solution to higher education’s problems, or sing its praises.  We extend to you this opportunity to get your opinions out into the world, and to take a small step towards making a change.

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