TRS has released it Strategic Plan for 2009-2013

The Texas Retirement System of Texas (TRS) has released its Strategic Plan for 2009-2013.  The strategic objectives of the TRS, developed in accordance with the TRS Board of Trustees’ fiduciary duties and presented in the document, support the following priority goals of the State of Texas as related to higher education:

TACT's 60th Birthday!

Although it's TACT's 60th birthday, we're giving the presents to our members! 

TACT Has Completely Revamped the Annual ORP Study.

TACT has completely revamped the annual ORP study. As opposed to simply providing a list of investment companies, we are offering a personalized investment report. This new study will include a sample retirement plan analysis and guide TACT members to an interactive website which generates customized reports detailing the performance of their retirement plan.

Education Reform Topic of Discussion Between Governor Perry and University Regents

In an unprecedented move, Governor Rick Perry met with the regents of the major university systems on Wednesday in order to push higher education reform.  One of the major issues on the agenda was increasing the criteria for professors to gain tenure.  Former Congressman Dick Armey voiced his opinion toward university faculty, saying “I believe tenure actually diminishes academic freedom” and that faculty lounges are “one of the most brain-dead locations in the United States.”  TACT is following this situation and stands with our colleag

Coordinating Board Considering Significant Formula Funding Change

The Strategic Planning Committee of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board met today to consider formula funding recommendations to the full Board next week.  Though the calculations are complex, the policy differences were between the Commissioner's recommendation for calculating funding hours based on completed courses and the Formula Funding Committee, chaired by TACT member and Midwestern President Jesse Rogers, suggesting using hours attempted.  While the final recommendation was somewhat of a hybrid, the Commissioner’s concept of using outcome-based co

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