Senate Finance Discusses Systems Structure

The Senate Finance Higher Education Subcommittee met yesterday to take testimony on its Interim Charge #1, which includes the structure of higher education.

Elect Your Board Members

 At its February 20 meeting, the TACT State Board endorsed the slate of officers recommended by the Nominating Committee as they are named below.  All offices are for two-year terms beginning June 1.  A write in opportunity is also available.  Please submit your ballot by return email, fax or mail to the State Office for tabulation by April 30.  Your identity will be known

TACT Registered in Support of Senate Bill 65

TACT registered in support yesterday of Senate Bill 65 by Senator Judith Zaffirini (D – Laredo) at the Committee on Higher Education, which she chairs.  The bill would provide additional leave for a faculty member physically assaulted during his performance of regular duties without that leave being deducted from his accrued leave.  The duration of that additional leave is equal to that “necessary for the employee to recuperate from any physical injury that results from the assault.”

Committee Members Selected

The Senate and House Committees have been named. The ones most actively monitored by TACT include Senate Finance and Higher Education (now its own committee) and the House Committees on Appropriations, Higher Education and Pensions and Investments.

Governor Perry Delivers State of the State

TACT Board Member and Past President Allen Martin attended today’s State of the State Address by Governor Rick Perry.

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