Appropriations Conference Committee Meeting

The final version of the state budget for the next two years is currently in the hands of five senators and five house members.

New Developments for Incentive Funding Bill

Last Monday's First Alert outlined components of Representative Morrison's HB 3828 on institutional performance incentive funding.  It includes a matrix for additional funding to reward legislative priorities, such as degrees by at-risk students and high-demand professions including nursing and technical degrees.  This morning, the companion bill, SB 1029 by Senate Education Committee Chair Florence Shapiro, was heard in the Senate Subcommittee on Higher Education.

The Cost of Education - TACT President Informs the Press

Please review TACT President Elizabeth Lewandowski's letter to the editor in response to allegations regarding the cost of higher education published in the Times Records News on April 13, 2007.   

HB 3828: Incentive Funding for Universities

The highlight of Monday's committee meetings was Chairman Morrison's HB 3828 - institutional performance incentive funding - in her House Committee on Higher Education.

HB 894 Committee Hearing Requested - Your Response Needed

Representative Jim McReynolds has requested that his HB 894 - the TACT-backed bill that would study faculty salaries relative to comparable schools in other populous state - be heard by the House Higher Education Committee on Monday morning, March 26.  That date has NOT been confirmed.

You can help two ways:

Call committee members to register your support.

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