Coordinating Board Considering Significant Formula Funding Change

The Strategic Planning Committee of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board met today to consider formula funding recommendations to the full Board next week.  Though the calculations are complex, the policy differences were between the Commissioner's recommendation for calculating funding hours based on completed courses and the Formula Funding Committee, chaired by TACT member and Midwestern President Jesse Rogers, suggesting using hours attempted.  While the final recommendation was somewhat of a hybrid, the Commissioner’s concept of using outcome-based co

Write to Thousands!

The opportunity to be published is just at your finger tips.  If you have an issue you feel your professional peers need to be aware of, be it academic or legislative, we want to hear your voice!  Write your article and summit it to TACT.  Our next deadline is May 9, 2008.  After a review, your article could be published in our quarterly eBulletin.  Your experience is valued and appreciated. This would be an excellent opportunity to reach thousands of professors across the state. 

TACT Board Elections

At its February 15 meeting, the TACT State Board endorsed the slate of officers recommended by the Nominating Committee as they are named below.  All offices are for two-year terms beginning June 1.  A write in opportunity is also available.  Please submit your ballot by return email, fax or mail to the State Office for tabulation by April 15.  Your identity will be known only to staff.

Contribute to the TACT Government Relations Fund

TACT is expecting a significant session in 2009 including a reintroduction of Academic Bill of Rights, which TACT killed in the last session.  A further issue is College Readiness, which the Commissioner accepted, where the responsibility falls most heavily on faculty members teaching intro course. 

TACT’s main objective is to lobby on your behalf.

The Government Relations Fund (GRF) pays some expenses of the evermore frequent legislative visits to the Capitol.

Lieutenant Governor Releases Interim Charges

Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst has released the charges for the Senate Interim Committee, you can view the full list by clicking here.  The following issues are the most particular to TACT’s concerns.

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