Texas Legislature Feeling the Squeeze

The Texas House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations yesterday heard from the Texas Comptroller, Legislative Budget Board and the Speaker of the House regarding their perspectives on the near-term future of state finances.

Are Corporate Funded Research Grants and Federal Regulations the Answers to Texas Public Universities’ Financial Woes?

On the heels of TACT’s First Alert last week, the rising cost of Texas tuitions are the topic for discussion at the Capital. The Austin American Statesman reported (click here for full article) on a meeting between UT President Greg Fenves, House Speaker Joe Strauss and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to discuss a national study which suggests the road to financial redemption for public universities is paved with corporate dollars and federal rule changing.

Texas Colleges respond to increasing costs by raising tuition. Educators feeling left out of discussion.

The University of Texas at Austin and other universities are combating criticism over their decisions to increase tuition. These jabs are not only coming from the students and parents who will pay the increased tuition, but also from the Texas Legislature. The institutions claim the reason for the tuition increase is in response to the state funding as a reduced percentage of total costs.

Documentary Depicting Changing University Goals

“Starving the Beast” Documentary Depicting Changing University Goals

Soon to debut is a documentary titled “Starving the Beast,” which includes examples of former A&M President McKinney and former UT-Austin President Powers as collateral damage in the changing political winds of university purposes and funding.

March for Gun-Free Campuses: January 8th

We know this is a short notice, but if you are able to, please join the TACT Staff in this march for Gun-Free Campuses.

Date: Friday, January 8th, 2016
Place: Gather in Griffin Hall on 2nd Floor of the JW Marriott
(110 E. 2nd. Street)
Times:     1:30 p.m.: Gather in Griffin Hall on the 2nd. Floor of the JW                         Marriott
(Speech to be given by Professor Roland Greene of Stanford University)

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