Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a sponsor! Email office@tact.org

Current Opportunities:

Conference Sponsorship

To encourage TACT members to attend the Annual (Spring and Fall) Conferences, registration fees are minimal. Corporate sponsors traditionally carry much of the conference expenses and are encouraged to attend and mingle with the leaders of Texas higher education.

Exclusive full-conference sponsorships are available for $1,000

Single event sponsorships cost $500. 

First Alert Sponsorship

First Alerts are how TACT keeps its members informed of important legislative and organizational highlights.  Have your company's name and a hyperlink to your site included in these communications, along with recognition on the First Alerts page of the TACT website.  Sponsorship is $1000 per year.

Website Sponsorship

Development, hardware, training and consulting costs to the association are defrayed through business advertisements on the Web, either at the "Founding Underwriter" level of $2,500 per year or the "Participating Sponsor" level of $1,000 per year.

The Founding Underwriter sponsor's business logo with hyperlink to their website will be displayed in a banner on the TACT website header, viewable from every page.

Participating Sponsors' logos with hyperlink to their website will be displayed on the sidebar on the top left-hand side of the page.

Become a sponsor! Email office@tact.org